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Cubit Management Console can be commonly used to do the following tasks.

There is usually a desktop shortcut to access Cubit Management console or else the short is located in the C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit folder (Right Click on Cubit Icon and Open File Location).

Standalone/Network Versions:

Managing Database Backups and Schedules:

To be able to Configure a Database Backup you will need to start Cubit Management Console as an Administrator (Right Click on the Icon and Run as Administrator) and then click on "Configure" button to setup. The following fields needs to be setup first.

PostgreSQL install directory: The PostgreSQL install path on the 64 bit machine needs to be set to the exact same location as shown below. The location will be different for the 32 bit PC.

Backup directory: The Backup directory can be set any desired accessible location from the PC.

Number of Backups: This number specifies the No of Old Backups to be kept in the Backup Location. In the below example, the older Backups are removed to ensure that there is always only 6 Backup files saved.

Schedules Backup: Use Scheduler to save the Frequency and Date Time for the Backup to run Automatically. It is important to make sure the Database is available at that specified Time.

Forced Database Backup can be run any time by clicking the "Backup" button on the Main Screen.              The "Restore" button will restore the Backed up Database.

NOTE: RESTORE Database will OVERWRITE the existing Job Data. It is very important to make sure that you are restoring from a Valid Backup. This action cannot be undone.

For Network Version Only:

Unlocking Jobs / Pricelist: 

To unlock a job that is currently locked you can click the Unlock job button on the toolbar, and select either Jobs, or Price List.


Tick the tick boxes to select all the jobs to be unlocked, and then click on the Unlock button to unlock the job/s. When done the jobs will be unlocked upon restarting Cubit.


To unlock the price lists, tick to select all the Pricelist to be unlocked and then click on Unlock button to unlock the Pricelist/s.
When done on restarting Cubit all those Pricelist will be unlocked for you.


For Network Version Only:

Managing User Logins:

The user login are created and maintained for Network type installation only. Click on "Users" button to configure and manage Cubit user login.

By Default a local user Login is configured with no password. Click on "New" button to Add a user Login.

Enter all the fields and Click on "Create" button to create the new user login.                                              Both the user name and Password are case sensitive. Make sure you use them exactly as how you have typed.

Select the user login and Click on "Edit " button to make changes to that user details or to reset the Password if forgotten by any chance.

To change the Password Click on "Reset Password" on the Edit Cubit user Screen


Enter and Verify the new Password and Click on "Reset" button to Save.


Use the "Delete" Button on the Cubit Users window to remove any unused User credentials.                 Please Note only the user Login will be deleted and No Cubit data will be affected.






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