Resolved Known Issue Loading Raster plans with transparent fill


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Update: Fixed in version


It has come to our attention that some customers who have updated to the recent version of Cubit Estimating are experiencing an issue loading some plans.

Currently, if you are using a raster plan (pdf, image etc), or loaded a Vector plan as raster, then shapes with a transparent fill may not correctly show the fill.
This effect may vary as you move around the plan, or zoom in or out.

Our developers are looking into this issue.

This issue will not affect Vector plans loaded into Cubit Estimating as Vector or Vector plans with rasterised text.

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  • This glitch is very annoying! How long until a fix is released?

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  • Our developers report that they have all but completed a software update that will contain a fix for this.
    At this stage we are aiming to release next week, but this is subject to change should they discover anything that requires additional work.

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