Steps to Add a New PC to existing Global/Offsider Network Follow

To add a new machine to an existing Global or Offsider network, please try the following steps:

- Ensure that the Buildsoft Data drive is mapped to the same network drive on the machine as other Buildsoft network users.

- Ensure that all users are running the same version of Global\Offsider Estimating.
You can check what version of the software is installed by clicking on the Help menu on the Job Manager screen, and selecting About to display the version information.

On Your Existing PC With The Global\Offsider Software Installed:

1. Save the C:\Windows\off.ini and C:\Windows\digitizer.ini (if any are found)

2. Save C:\Windows\syswow64\Bspecial.dll (for 64bit OS) OR C:\Windows\system32\Bspecial.dll (for 32bit OS)

On The New PC:

1. Install and run the same version of Global\Offsider Estimating as other network users

2. Delete all off.ini files (search for all in C:\ - VERY IMPORTANT!)

3. Copy the saved off.ini and digitizer.ini to the PCs C:\Windows

4. Edit the properties for both files so that the security tab has Full Control access rights for the Everyone group

5. Copy the saved Bspecial.dll into C:\Windows\syswow64 (for 64bit OS) OR C:\Windows\system32\Bspecial.dll (for 32bit OS)

6. Check that the database is accessing the correct data drive

- Go to the C:\ESW folder
- Run the file named bdecfg32.exe
- A new window will pop up. Select Paradox from the left hand side of the new window.
- On the right hand side will be a set of parameters. The first line should read Net DIR. When you click in this line a small button with three dots will appear at the end of the line. Click the button and then browse to the network location where the Buildsoft data is stored and select the PDOXUSRS.NET file. Once selected click Open.
- Click on File and select Save
- Close the Window

7. Launch Global\Offsider Estimating and confirm that all jobs appear correctly



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