Share Cubit Estimating Floating Licence on Multiple Machines


Feature Availability: Version 7 and above

To ensure that the license is released when you exit Cubit Estimating, please do the following:

1. From your Job Manager window, click on Cubit Estimating > Options


Fig 1. Options

2.  On the General tab, ensure that the option Release license when exiting is ticked


Fig 2. Cubit Estimating Options

3.  Click <OK>

This will allow for a smoother transition between machines when using the same license for Cubit Estimating.

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  • Hi Elaine,

    I have read the above instructions, but it only shows how to release the floating licence. I still do not know how to use the licence on another laptop (Buildsoft Cubit has not been installed in the laptop. I need to use it urgently on the laptop. Can you or anyone from you company contact to resolve this. I need to use the laptop for Cubit urgently. Kind regards

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  • Hi Zhi,

    Once the software is installed in the new laptop and you start it for the first time, it will display the registration screen where you can activate Cubit with the license key.

    In regards to the trouble with the installation.
    I can see you have an open Case with Elaine for this, and so I will ask her to reach out to you so we can assist in resolving.

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