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You can export a Cubit Job into BuilderTREND and the following 5 columns are exported: Accounting
Code, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, and Amount (Total).

Fig 1. BuilderTREND example data


Exporting your Estimate to BuilderTREND

Exporting to BuilderTREND generates a tailored Microsoft Excel file.
When exporting your Estimate to BuilderTREND, only Trade Items are exported. Trade Headings,
Trade Mark Ups or Estimate Adjustments are not exported.

When exporting, only five columns of information are included.

The prerequisite to exporting your Job to BuilderTREND is that you must have accounting codes applied to your job.


To apply Accounting Codes to your Estimate:
1. Click Edit Columns from the Data tab in the ribbon (for Cubit version 7 users),

    OR from the Configuration tab in the ribbon (for Cubit version 8 users or later)

2. Go to the Rate tab and check any box for the Rate Codes you wish to use
3. Select the drop down menu beside Account group: and select the Rate Code you enabled
4. Click Ok.

In your Estimate, for every item you wish to export, double left mouse click in your Rate Code
column and select or type a code.

Fig 2. Group Mapping


Once the Account group is assigned, click BuilderTREND on the Data tab in the ribbon.

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