Import Excel/CSV Data Into Cubit Estimating Job


If you have a Job in a CSV format, then you can import this information into the Cubit Estimating software by following the steps below:

1. First off you will need to create a new job on the Job Manager screen so that we can import the CSV job into it. To do this click the ‘New Job’ button on the Ribbon and give the new job a name.

Fig.1 New job

2. Once you have created the new job, open it up and click the ‘Excel’ button in the Insert section of the Home tab on the ribbon.

Fig.2 Insert Excel button

3. In the ‘Open’ window that appears browse to the location where you have the CSV/Excel file saved, select it and then click the ‘Open’ button.

Fig.3 Browse box


4. An Import window will appear displaying the information in the CSV/Excel file. On this screen you will need to tell the software what columns refer to what information. This is done by selecting the column type from the ‘Select Column:’ section on the right hand side of the window. Once you have selected the columns click the 'insert' button.


Fig.4 Source Column


After following these steps the information will have been imported into the job, and you will now be able work on this information in Cubit.  


Fig.5 Imported job


Please Note: Only 2 level/hierarchic of data can be imported from the Excel/csv

Sample CSV/Excel template shown below to import items under each Trade.

 TradeHeading1   Trade1Item1 Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading1   Trade1Item2 Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item1 Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item2 Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item3  Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item4  Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item5  Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item6  Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading2   Trade2Item7 Column1 column2 column3 etc
 TradeHeading3 Trade3Item1 Column1 Column2 Column3 etc


A sample Job template for Excel Import can be found here

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  • Could you provide some sample data in your Job Template to indicate the required number format?
    For example, should a 21.5% percent markup be entered in the template Markup column as 0.215 or 21.5 or 21.5%?

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  • Hi Mike,

    Generally speaking the ideal format would be a figure to two decimal places.
    EG 0.00
    However we may be able to update any examples given if it is introducing confusion somewhere down the line.

    I would like to confirm however, when you mention the job template, are you referring to the Take-Off Template job that comes default in Cubit Estimating?

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  • No, I'm referring to the Job Template attached to this article.

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  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the confirmation on this.
    I'll look into this file and see if we can expand it to limit any confusion along the lines you have mentioned.

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