Cubit License Limit has Been Reached


When starting Cubit, if you receive the message "License Limit has been reached" this may be due one of the following reasons:

Duplicate Process Running

If you have closed down Cubit and attempted to re open the program but are greeted with this message, please do the following:

1. Press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" on your keyboard to open "Task manager".

2. Locate and select Cubit in the list and click "End task".

3. Click the down arrow beside "More details".

4. Look if there are any other Cubit entries. If there is, then select and click "End task".

Fig1.Task Manager Cubit process

3. Once you have confirm that there are no other Cubit process is listed in Task Manager, restart Cubit.

Too Many Users Connected

This 'License Limit has been reached' message will be prompted when all of the available activation for your Cubit license is already used. This may happen if you have a floating license and it has not been deactivated or released successfully from other devices.

To ensure that the license is released when you exit Cubit 7 or later, please do the following:

1. From your Job Manager window, click "Cubit" then the "Options" button.

Fig2. Cubit Options

2.  On the "General" tab, ensure that the option "Release license when exiting" is ticked and click "OK".

Fig3. Release license when exiting

This will allow easy transition of Cubit licenses (7 and later versions only) on devices sharing the same license.

Note: The above "Release license when exiting" is not applicable for Terminal license users.

Reference:Share Cubit Floating License


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