Result Types with Openings


Result Types in Cubit defines what result an Item uses from a Shape that is created during takeoff.
A Shape can have multiple Items drawing different results from it. You assign Result Types to Items from the Result column in the Item sheet. 

The following are result types which deduct openings from the total if a door or window opening is placed on the shape.

Length less openings:
Length less openings calculates the length of a line or shape, minus any openings that intersect.
It is useful for measuring skirting and useful for carpenters among others.

Vertical area less openings:
Vertical area less openings calculates the vertical area of a shape or line, taking out any
openings on that area space, such as doors or windows. It is used for getting specific wall areas
and used by painters, carpenters and many others.

Fig1. Result types

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