Cubit Switch Install Follow

If you need to install Cubit as a switch install to change between the data on the network and local system you will just need to follow the steps below:

- First you will need to install the Cubit License Manager and Server installer on the server.
The Buildsoft Cubit Server Software Install Guide for this can be downloaded via the link below:

- Then install the Cubit software as a multiuser install on the local PC.
The Buildsoft Cubit Software Install Guide for this can be downloaded via the link below:

- You will now also need to install the Cubit Server installer on the local machine making sure to select the Database server and management console option.

- Now that the software is installed you will need to create a user log in on both the stand alone machine and the server machine.
The instructions for creating a user for Cubit can be found in the Buildsoft Cubit Server Install Guide.

Once you have installed the software and created the Cubit User on the local machine and the server you will need to register the software and create the connections to the Cubit data.
To do this follow these steps:

- Start Cubit

- Enter the stand alone registration code on the local machine when prompted.

- The next screen to come up will be the to connect to the license service on the server. The server name where the license service has been installed will  show up on the list. Simply select this and click connect.

- A log in screen should now appear. You will need to create two connections, one for the local machine and one for the server.

Once this is done you can select between the two connections on the Cubit Log in screen.
To switch between the connections you will need to use the Log Out option on the Cubit Menu when on the Job Manager screen.

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