Cubit Custom Reports


Note: The Cubit Report Editor is available in the Cubit Professional versions only.

1. Start Cubit.

2. From the Job Manager window, open a Job.


Fig1. Job Manager

3. In the Job window, Select the Data Ribbon and then click the All Reports button under the Reports section. 

Fig2. Data Ribbon

4. The following window will list all the available Cubit Reports. Select the report and click Customise to edit the selected report.

                                                        Fig2. Data Ribbon

5. The Report Designer allows you to edit the report as per your likes.

Tool Box: Use Tool Box to add the Standard Controls to the report.

Report Explorer: Lists all the Calculated values you can use for the new report.
It also lists the Styles and Formatting available on the report.

Field List: It lists all the Job Data available for you to use in the new report.

Property Grid: Allows you to change Colour, Location and other appearances of the controls put on the report.

Fig.3 Report Designer

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