Cubit custom reports Follow

If you wish to either edit a report or create a custom report please follow the Instructions below.

1. Open up your Cubit Software, at the Job manager screen select and open up a job. This will not edit the job it just allows access to the section to edit reports.

2. Once you have opened up a Job you will need to click on the Data tab which is located in the Top Menu Ribbon.

3. After the Data tab has loaded up you will find the option for "All Reports" go ahead and click the All Reports button.

4. This should bring up a new boxed window with all the current report templates available. Select the report you wish to edit/customise then click the 'Customise' button on the right.

5. You will be presented with the Template for the report you had selected. You can re size any fields of information you wish, you can insert image boxes for logos if you wish. On the left hand side you have your 'Tool Box'. In here you have all of your tools to edit the report as you see fit. You can create text fields, image boxes, charts, shapes and even if you wish barcodes. On the right hand side of the screen you have your "Report Explorer" and the "Property Grid" boxes. The Report Explorer will have a list of all the sections currently in the report so it makes it easier to locate and edit. The property Grid is where you can change the specifics of any item selected, such as: Background colour, Border colour, font and if need be the image inside of an Image box.

6. Once you have made any changes to your report click the 'File' option up the top left and select "Save as". Now you can name this report and a Category.
Once you have done so click 'Save'

You have now created your own custom report to use as you see fit.

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