Returning BIM results to Cubit Follow

To view DWF or DWFX files in Cubit you will need to load them into the BIM Reader.

You can do this by opening a job on the Cubit Job Manager Screen, selecting the Data tab and then clicking the BIM Reader button in the Import Section.

Once the image is loaded you can select items that you wish to send to Cubit.
To do this select an item from the Description panel on the left hand side of the BIM reader.
On the right hand side of the BIM Reader you will find the Object Takeoff panel where the quantities will be displayed.
Click in the Display As column and change these items so that the appropriate Result Type, EG Area.

Once you have done this for the items your wish to bring across to Cubit simply click the Return To Cubit button on the toolbar and the items will then be displayed in Cubit.

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