How to draw a deduction


Drawing deduction is a way to exclude certain parts of the shape you have drawn from appearing on your totals such as doorways, garage doors etc.

To create a deduction in your take-off:

1.  In the Estimate pane, select the Item line you want to deduct.

2. Open the plan to be used for take off in the Viewport.

3. Draw the deduction shape on the plan.

4. In the Calculation Sheet for the Item you will notice the shapes you have drawn.

5. Select the shape you have just drawn that you wish to become a deduction by clicking on the item in the Calculation Sheet.

6. Under the "-" column (minus), tick the box to create the deduction.

Note: Any deduction in Cubit will be displayed on Red text and the totals will be recalculated.

Fig1. Calculation Sheet deduction

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