How to draw a deduction Follow

In Cubit you have the ability to draw a deduction in your takeoff. This is a way to exclude certain parts of the shape you have drawn from appearing on your totals such as doorways, garage doors etc.

Below are the steps you will need to take to create a deduction in your takeoff:

1.  In the Estimate pane, select the line item you want the deduction to affect.
2. On the plan using the polyline tool, draw the shape you wish to deduct from the takeoff.
3. In the calculation sheet below the Estimate pane you will notice the shapes you have drawn are in there.
4. Select the shape you have just drawn that you wish to become a deduction.
5. Under the '-' column (minus) select the box to create the deduction.

If you followed these steps properly, you will have created a deduction in your drawing and the shape item name in the calculation sheet will have changed to the colour red.

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