How to rename a shape Follow

When you use a Shapes result in a calculation sheet changing that name will not update the name of the underlying shape. As doing so would prevent you from having different names for different results from the same takeoff. E.g. Bedroom A floor and Bedroom A plaster.

The quickest way to change the name of a Shape is to:

1. Open the Plan that contains the Shape with the name you want to change.

2. Ensure the application is in Select mode by clicking on the Select tool in the Edit group on the Home tab.

3. In the Viewport; right click on the Shape that you want to rename.

4. Click Rename in the context menu that pops up.

NB: That doing  this will also rename any Shape results that still have the same name as the Shape. But will not overwrite any changes to Shape result names you may have made.

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