Changing wall heights in Cubit Follow

In Cubit you can set the height of a wall to whatever you like. This can do done when creating a new shape or by editing an existing shape.

To do this for a new shape do the following:

- Select either Vertical Area or Vertical Area Less Opening in the Result drop down box in the Estimate.

- Ensure you have a drawing mode selected in the Shapes group of the Home tab in the ribbon. E.g. Polyline

- On the right hand side of the screen you will have a New task window. Click on this to bring up the details for the new shape.

- Enter the height you wish the wall to be in the 'Height (mm):' section.

Now when you draw the shape it will be created with the height you specified.

To change the height of an existing shape please do the following:

- Select the shape you with to change either by using the Select tool in the Edit group on the Home tab on the ribbon and clicking on the shape in the Viewport, or select the shape reference in the Calculation sheet.

- On the right hand side of the page you will have a Details pane, select this.

In the Details pane you will see the wall heights for the shape you selected. All you need to do is alter these heights to suit your needs.

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