Transferring data between Cubit and ESW Follow

If you wish to send your Job over to BT2 to do your Takeoffs and then send back to your estimating software please follow the Instructions below:


1. Open up your Estimating software whether it be Global or Offsider.

2. Open up the job you wish to send over to Cubit.

3.Once you have opened up the desired job you will notice up the top menu ribbon there are two buttons labelled "Send Info to 'Cubit" and "Receive from 'Cubit".

3. Click on the "Send to 'Cubit'" button.. In doing so this will open up Cubit and create a new job with all the Information from the job you have just sent.

4. Once you have done all the changes and Takeoffs needed for that job switch back over to your Estimating software. This time click the "Receive 'Cubit' Info". This will then send back all the changes you have made in Cubit to your Estimating software.

For more information you can check out our Youtube page for some Informative videos:

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