Cannot draw shape on the plan


If you have just created a new item in Cubit but cannot draw a new shape on your plan, it could be for the following reasons:

1. The plan is not Scaled:

The Plan you have inserted into the job, may not have been scaled yet. To Verify or Scale the Plan:

    i. Click "Plans" in the top ribbon, and then click "Scale".

             Fig1. Plans and Scale buttons

 ii. Scale Plan window will open, where you can see your current scale is not set to any value.

 iii. Set a scale to fix this.

Fig2. Scale Plan

2. Result and Unit not set:

The new item created does not have a Result type and a Unit set. To correct this:

     i. Click the drop down menu in the "Result" column to choose a result type for the shape.

    ii. "Unit" value should automatically set based on the result type chosen however you are  free to edit to change.

Fig3. Result and Unit 

3. Polyline mode not selected:

For you to do the takeoff, the plan needs to be opened in the viewport and should be in edit shape mode. To verify:

     i. Make sure you have a plan open in the viewport.

    ii. Select the item you wish to draw a shape.

   iii. In the "Home" Ribbon, Under the "Shapes" panel, make sure that "Polyline" is selected.

Note: Polyline can be selected only when step 1 and 2 are verified as well.

Fig4. Not-Selected

Fig5. Selected

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