Updating Cubit Network License Follow

If for any reason you need to update the licenses for your network version of Cubit, then you can do so by following the steps below.

- Log into the server where you have the Cubit License Server Management software installed.
- Click the Windows Start Button.
- Select All Programs.
- Open the Buildsoft folder from the list of programs.
- Open the Network License folder.
- Start the License Server Management software.
- Once the program opens click the Change button next to where it says Edition.
- Click the Deactivate button on the 'Deactivate Your Software' screen to deactivate the current software license.
- Enter the new License details on the 'Register Licensing Server' screen.

Once you have done this the new license will be active and you can close out of the License Server Management software and log off the server.

If you run into any trouble while going through this process please email our support team on support@buildsoft.com.au or submit a ticket on our support website. A direct link to submitting a new ticket is below:


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