Transferring A Standalone Cubit Licence To Another Machine Follow

To transfer the license in Cubit you need to follow the below steps

  -  In the Job Manager screen click on the tab "JOB"
  -  Then select deactivate license
  -  Then on the new machine follow step one
  -  Then choose the option Activate License and key in the license key Considerations
  -  Ensure that you have backed up the job so you can take it with you or send via drop box

When you are switching machines make sure that you follow step 2 otherwise the software may not activate on the PC you wish to use it on.
For example if you deactivate a licence at the office so you can work in Cubit at home, make sure you deactivate the licence on the home computer once you have finished your session so you can use it at work the next day.

If you receive the message "Deactivation was not successful, You may not be authorized to use the software on another machine. Please contact customer service immediately." this means you do not have permissions to deactivate the software with your current login.

Try to logon to the PC/Computer as Administrator or right click on the Cubit icon and select "Run As Administrator" and this should overcome this issue and allow a successful deactivation.

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