Transferring Cubit Estimating License


A Cubit Estimating Floating License can be easily transferred between 1 or more devices in 2 possible ways as shown below.

1. Release License on Exit - With this setting turned ON on all Cubit Estimating devices, the license is released right away when Cubit Estimating window is closed. 

Note: With this way, the license details do not need to be entered every time Cubit Estimating is started.

2. Deactivate License - Deactivate the license before another user activates Cubit Estimating on a different device. 

Note: The license details will need to be entered when registering/activating Cubit Estimating again.

Release License On Exit

Cubit Estimating has a Release licence when exiting option on the General tab of the Cubit Estimating Options. When you close the software you will be able to use the same licence on a different PC without having to deactivate the licence.

You can get to the Cubit Estimating options by either clicking the Cubit Estimating button on the Job Manager screen, or the Job button when working in a job.  The Cubit Estimating Options button will then appear.


Fig1. Cubit Estimating Options  


Fig2. Release licence

Deactivate License

To transfer the license in Cubit Estimating you need to follow the below steps on the current device:

1. On the Job Manager screen, click the Cubit Estimating application button, then click Deactivate Licence

Note: If you receive the message "Deactivation was not successful", something may have gone wrong with the deactivation process. Please try waiting for a minute or two and then try again.


Fig3. Deactivate License

2. On the new device, start Cubit Estimating. 

3. Enter all the details.

4. Click Next to register and Activate Cubit Estimating.


Fig4. Register License


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