Building up Rate in Cubit


The Rate Sheet is the sheet where the cost of an assembly can be built up from the separate
components, e.g. an internal door assembly, a concrete slab, a wardrobe, or anything that is
made up of more than a single component.

If an item is made up of only one component, consider entering the rate directly into the Estimate sheet.

The Rate sheet is sometimes called a Composite rate sheet, as it is composed of multiple item. Rates can be built up from a mixture of materials and labour or materials only.

Fig 1. Rate Sheet


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  • This example of Building a Composite Rates is all well & good however it doesn't tell me how to import / build up the rate from items in my price list  ??? & that is how you should really build a composite rate. More info needed from support.

  • Here is one way to do it

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