Building up rates with the Rate Sheet in Cubit Estimating


The Rate Sheet is the sheet where the cost of an assembly can be built up from the separate
components, e.g. an internal door assembly, a concrete slab, a wardrobe, or anything that is
made up of more than a single component.

If an item is made up of only one component, consider entering the rate directly into the Item sheet.

The Rate is sometimes referred to as Composite rate, as it is composed of multiple items. Rates can be built up from a mixture of materials and labour or materials only.

Fig 1. Rate Sheet

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  • This example of Building a Composite Rates is all well & good however it doesn't tell me how to import / build up the rate from items in my price list  ??? & that is how you should really build a composite rate. More info needed from support.

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  • Here is one way to do it

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  • Hi Micheal,
    The method of dynamically linking on an estimate works well for that level particularly for unique items. But, it is a tedious chore that is labor intensive for common elements like concrete slabs, wall framing and external walls and so-fourth. What would interest me is if i could have a separate price list of base rate items for labor and materials that i can dynamically link to a price list of composite rates. Thus, when i update the base rate price list it will update the composite rate price list for future estimates. Is this type of complex data management possible in Cubit Pro?
    Cheers Evan.

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  • Hello Evan,
    Cubit has Labor/Material Job and Pricelist modes which can help you.
    Will create a support ticket to assist further.

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