Changing wall heights in Cubit Follow

In Cubit if you wish to change the wall heights on a new or existing wall or wish to set the default wall height please follow the instructions below.

Setting the Default wall height.

1. Open Up Cubit.

2. Up the top left click on the "Cubit" button, this should bring up a small window, click the 'Options' button at the bottom right of this box. If you currently have a job open you can click on the 'Job' button in the top left hand corner of the software, and then click the 'Options' button here.

3. This will open up the "Cubit Options" window. On the left you have four different tabs, Click on the 'Dimensions' tab.

4. From here you can change the default dimensions for heights, volume depth, width, depth and rounding measurements.

5. Once you have finished changing them click 'Ok'


Changing The Height Of A New Item.

1. Open up the Job you wish to work on.

2. Make sure you have the corresponding plan loaded up.

3. Create a new Item/wall and set the result as 'Vertical Area'.

4. Once you have done this click inside the quantity cell next to the results option. You will now see that the "New Task" pane has appeared on the right hand side of the screen. From here you can enter in the height and start drawing your shape.


Changing The Height On An Existing Item.

1. Open up the job you wish to work on.

2. In the 'Home' tab up the top click on the "Select" button that looks like a cursor.

3. Make sure you have the corresponding plan loaded up.

4. With the 'Select' option click on the wall you wish to edit. Once click the details pane down the bottom right should appear.

5. From this pane you can edit the height of the wall. There are two height options, each one being the different ends of each line.

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