Creating a larger logo in Cubit report header Follow

If you would to increase the size of your logo on your Cubit reports please follow these directions below:

1. In one of your jobs, along the main menu ribbon click on the 'Data' Tab.

2. You will now need to click on the "All Reports" button. This will bring up the menu with a list of all the report templates.

3. Click on the '...' button that is located next to the 'Default Header' drop down box.

4. Select the 'Customise' button.

5. The report header will now be displayed. The very top section of this header will be a blank picture box that takes up just the top left hand corner. Expand this picture box by clicking the right hand side of the box and dragging it across the top of the header until it is in line with the edge of the [Parameters.ReportTitle] box.

6. Once you have altered the size of the picture box click the 'Down arrow" button located underneath the "Save" button located on the Main Menu ribbon and select "Save As".

7. Type in a new name for this header. E.g: 'Test Header' then click the 'Save' button.

8. Close down the report designer window.

9. Click the 'Header Column' cell that is next to the report you wish to add it to and select the Name you just entered from the drop down box.

10. You can click the 'Preview' button on the right hand side to view your new Report header. Make sure that the location of your header is where you would like.

If you are happy with how the header looks you can then apply it to each of your reports through the Header drop down boxes.

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