Cubit keyboard shortcuts


In Cubit there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts you can use to reduce the time of clicking buttons all the time. Here is a list of the Shortcuts to date, however all these shortcut may not be applicable for all sheets being displayed.


General Shortcuts

Key Combination Result
F1 Launches Cubit User Guide
F4 Will copy from a value from cell above.
F2 Will enable for editing value in cell if allowed to edit
F9 Toggles between last 2 cells selected
F10 Activates shortcut keys in ribbons. Letters then apply
CTRL + > Indent (if allowed)
CTRL + < Un-indent (if allowed)
Insert Insert key will added item above currently focused item
Delete Will delete selected items when allowed
CTRL + A Selects all the information within a sheet
CTRL + C Copy selected item into memory (clipboard)
CTRL + F Activates the Find Function within the Estimate sheet
CTRL + X Cut the selected item into memory (clipboard)
CTRL + V Paste the items from memory (clipboard)  if any exists.
CTRL + H Convert item to container/container to item
CTRL + Y Redo - 1 step at a time
CTRL + Z Undo - 1 step at a time
CTRL + HOME Go to the Beginning of the Estimate
CTRL + END Go to the End of the Estimate
CTRL + T Insert new trade
CTRL + (+ / -) Expand/Collapse Estimate
CTRL + 0 Expand and show only selected trades
CTRL + F1 Hide/Show Ribbon
CTRL + (Up / Down)                          
Go to next/previous trade
Backspace Clears the selected cell
 * (NumPad) Expands the selected Trade
 - (Numpad) Collapse the selected item
 + (NumPad) Expand selected item


 Viewport shortcuts

Key Combination Result
F12 Toggle between 3D and 2D view
Left / Right Toggle between plans when multiple plans active. (Click on any plan tab first)
CTRL + (Left /Right/ Up/Down)           
Move drawing in the direction.
CTRL + (+ / -) Zoom In/Out Zoom In/Out 

while in 3D move
Left / Right / Up / Down

                                                                  Rotates the drawing


Specific Column Permissible Text Fields

Text Desctiption
EXCL Excluded
INCL Included
NA Not Applicable
NOTED                                           Noted
Pi Value Of Pi



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  • I think this program could benefit significantly with better shortcuts and more hotkeys.

    Even the possibility of being able to assign your own hotkeys would be fantastic.


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