Cubit keyboard shortcuts Follow

In Cubit there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts you can use to reduce the time of clicking buttons all the time. Here is a list of the Shortcuts to date, however all these shortcut may not be applicable for all sheets being displayed.


General Shortcuts

Key Combination Result
F4 Will copy from a value from cell above.
F2 Will enable for editing value in cell if allowed to edit
CTRL + > Indent (if allowed)
CTRL + < Un-indent (if allowed)
Insert Insert key will added item above currently focused item
Delete Will delete selected items when allowed
CTRL + C Copy selected item into memory (clipboard)
CTRL + X Cut the selected item into memory (clipboard)

Paste the items from memory (clipboard)  if any exists.


Convert item to container/container to item


Clears the selected cell

 * (NumPad)

Expands the selected Trade

 - (Numpad)

Collapse the selected item

 + (NumPad)

Expand selected item


 Viewport shortcuts

Key Combination Result
CTRL + (Left /Right/ Up/Down) Move drawing in the direction.
CTRL + (+ / -) Zoom In/Out Zoom In/Out 

while in 3D move               Left / Right / Up / Down

                                                                  Rotates the drawing



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    Andrew Moon

    I think this program could benefit significantly with better shortcuts and more hotkeys.

    Even the possibility of being able to assign your own hotkeys would be fantastic.


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