Creating different wall heights for the same item Follow

In Cubit if you wish for an Item to have multiple wall heights please follow the Instructions below.

1.Open up the Job you wish to work on.

2. Either select the Item you wish to add to or create a new item. Make sure that the 'Result' is set to "Vertical Area" or "Vertical Area Less Openings".

3. Make sure you have the plan open for that corresponding job. On the job you may draw the walls where you would like, the 'New Task' pane on the right hand side should appear. There should be an option labelled "Height (mm)" change this to what you want the wall height to be.

4. Once you have set the height and drawn the wall you can now change the height for another wall to what you would like, you can now draw new walls at the height you have just set.

5. If you wish to view this in 3D the option can be found by going to the 'View Tab' on the Menu ribbon and selecting '3D View'.

You now have two different walls with different heights under the same Item in your job.

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