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In Cubit you are able to add, remove and adjust the sales tax of all the jobs you work on. This allows you to include taxes in your job costings that can be displayed for you or your client to see.

To add a sales tax to you job follow the steps below:

1. Open the job you wish to add a tax to from the job manager level.

2. Once open, in the bottom right hand corner of the window click on the numbers "0.00" to the right of the words "Sales Tax".

3. In this window, you are able to name the tax you are adding and choose the percentage of the tax.

4. Click OK to apply the tax.

5. You are also able to add an adjustment to the job above the sales tax section. This will allow you to add any type of markup that you'd like.

If done correctly, the words "Sales Tax" in the bottom right hand corner of the window should have been replaced with the name you gave to the tax you applied. The numbers to the right should also display how much tax has been calculated for the job.

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