Sales Tax in Cubit


Cubit allows you to add, remove and adjust the Sales Tax for all the Cubit jobs. The default/global value for the sales tax can be setup in Cubit Options. This default/global value can also be overridden or set differently for each individual job.

The Sales Tax percentage value will be added onto the Job Total. The Sales Tax can set to be shown or hidden in all the Cubit reports.

To set a default "Sales Tax" value in Cubit Options:

1. In the "Job Manager" window, click the "Cubit" application button.

2. Click "Options".

Fig1. Cubit Options

3. Click "Jobs" tab.

4. Under the heading "Default adjustment and sales tax", edit the "Sales tax name" and / or "Sales tax rate(%)".

5. Click "OK" to save the Default settings.

Note: The value will be applied only to the new jobs created after the value was changed.

Fig2. Sales tax in Cubit Options


To override the default Sales tax for an individual job, do the following:

1. Open your Job from the Job list in the "Job Manager" window.

2. In the status bar located on the very bottom of the Cubit job, click on the number next to the tax label. From the example click on number 10.00%.

Fig3 Sales Tax in the Status bar


3. The "Adjustment and sales tax" window will open. Under the heading "Sales tax", you are able to edit the tax "Name" and adjust the percentage of the tax by editing the "Rate (%)".

4. Click "OK" to apply the tax.

Note: Changes made is applicable to the current job only.

Fig4. Adjustment and sales tax

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