Link existing jobs Esw - Cubit Follow

If you wish to link existing jobs in Cubit to the same existing job in Global/Offsider this can be done rather easily.

Please follow the instructions below to achieve this:

1. Open up both Cubit and Offsider/Global.

2. Highlight the Job in the Cubit Job Manager screen you wish to link an ESW job with.

3. In the 'Project' section of the Job details there are two text fields, labelled: "ESW Job" and "ESW Project"

4. For this part you will need to switch over to Offsider/Global and select the job you wish to link with Cubit.

5. Along the top of the Job Manager it will say [Job Manager - General Estimating] or it may say something else. Please take note of what it says after "Job Manager".

6. Switch back to Cubit and in the 'ESW Job' Field enter in the exact job name from Offsider/Global you wish to link it to.

7. In the 'ESW Project' field enter in what was written after 'Job manager' on the ESW program.

8. Now when you 'Send to Cubit' from Offsider/Global it will update the corresponding one in Cubit that has been linked via the text fields.

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