Re-scaling multiple Plans in Cubit


If you have multiple plans loaded into Cubit that are using the same scale and wish to rescale all these plans at once then you can do this by following the steps below.

1. From the Plans tab menu, click "Scale".

2. Drawing a line on the plan.

3. Enter the length of the line drawn in the "Horizontal Length:"

Fig1. Scale Plan

3. Under the heading "Apply Scale To:", you can select one of the following

a) "Active Plan": Scale will be set on the current plan only.

b) "Unscaled Plans": Scale will be set on all unscaled plans that you currently have inserted in the job. The number of current unscaled plan will be shown within ( ).

c) "Custom": This will allow you to select multiple inserted plans but not necessary ALL plans.             i)  Click the "..." button and then select the plans that you wish to apply the scale to.

       ii) Click the "Plans to show:" arrow to filter the plans list to Not scaled, Open or All.

       iii)Tick the plans to apply the scale and click "OK".

Fig2. Custom Scale

4. Click the "Scale" button to complete the scaling.
When complete the scale will be set on the plans you have selected.

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