Taking off multiple items at once Follow

In Cubit you are able to draw shapes (Takeoff) for multiple line items at once. This saves a great amount of time because instead having to draw the same shape over and over again for individual items such as the concrete slab, external timber walls or the external brickwork, you can select all of these items at once and draw one shape for all of them.

- In the Estimate panel within your job, select more than one item anywhere in the list by holding down the left CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking the individual items. Alternatively if you have more than one items that are underneath each other, you can select them by holding down the left SHIFT key on your keyboard and click the top item then the bottom item in the group you wish to select.

- Once you have all the items you wish to take off selected, you can now select the polyline tool and draw your shapes/takeoff on your plan.

If you followed these steps successfully, you will notice that each item you had selected will now have a quantity and a drawing.

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    Rob Bevear

    this topic of "taking off multiple items at one time" is a biggy for me because I can understand how it would save a lot of time. the bit i'm having trouble getting my head around is that this could apply to many many items in the estimate but finding all those items & holding down the ctrl key for those amount of itmes would be difficult ???

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