Exception: Connection error, unspecified error: Follow

When starting up the software if you encounter this error it is due to a permissions interference.
Fixing this is rather simple, just follow the instructions below to get things up and running.  Firstly we have to check the permission settings.


1. Open up 'My Computer' and double click on the 'C:' drive.

2. Once in the C: drive scroll down through the folders until you find the "Microsoft SQL Server" folder, Double click on this folder to open it up.

3. After opening the SQL folder go ahead and Right click on the folder "MSSQL.1" .

4. After you have Right clicked on the folder go ahead and click on Properties and switch to the Security tab along the top of the Properties window.

5. To change the permissions to this location click the 'Edit' button followed by the 'Add' button.

6. There will be a field in which you can enter in text. Go ahead and type in 'everyone' then proceed to click 'Check Names' It should then underline the word 'Everyone' verifying that it has selected every user of this machine then click 'Ok'

7. Once this has been done highlight 'Everyone' and click the 'Allow' Tick Box next to 'Full Control'. Click 'Apply' and then click 'Ok'

Go ahead and try starting your software back up and it should start up with no problems.


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