'Looking For Buildsoft Remote' Follow

If you are starting the Offsider Orders module and you get stuck on a loading screen that says:
Looking for Buildsoft Remote on your server:
This function is using
'Buildsoft REMOTE'
to access your data.
Please wait...

Then the it is possible that the remote program that allows the software to connect to the data may have stopped running.

In this case you will just need to restart the remote program.

To do this follow these steps:

- Close Offsider Orders

- Click the Windows Start button

- Click Computer

- Open the Local Disk (C:)

- Browse to the ESW folder on your PC if you are running a stand alone version, or to the appropriate location on the network if you are running a network version. EG K:\ESW

- Locate the Remote.exe and run it.

This will start up the remote program and allow to the Offsider Order program to run normally.

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