Change the BOQ page settings Follow

If you wish to edit the page settings for BOQ please follow these instructions:

1. Open up a Job.

2. Along the top menu you will see an option for "BOQ" go ahead and click it.

3. Down the bottom of the list there is an option labelled "Set Job BOQ options" select that.

4. A blue box will appear, navigate to the 'Page 5' tab across the top.

5. You will be presented with two large buttons, select the lower button labelled "Work on BOQ Page Setting" go ahead and select that one.

6. From here you can edit the page settings for BOQ.

7. Once you have made all the necessary changes along the bottom is a password box, enter the password: boq and click 'Change'

8. Then select the 'Save' button.

You have now successfully edited the BOQ page settings.

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