Copying data from a Non-BTOS job to a new BTOS job.


If you are having issues with opening up a job that was not created with BTOS Module but wish to view it with the BTOS module please follow the Instructions below:

1. Create a New Job with the same name as the old job but with a small alteration so that it does not overwrite the previous Job.

2. You will still be able to see the top of the Job Manager screen behind the job window that just opened up, Click on that to bring it forward.

3. Once the Job manager screen has been brought forward open up the job you wish to transfer the details from. This will open up the old job aswell as the new one but in windowed format.

4. Highlight all the lines from the old job and 'Right Click' them, this will bring up a menu. Select the "Copy lines to other window" option. All the information will then start transferring over to the new job.

5. This new Job can now be opened up in BTOS. If you wish to delete the old job to rename the new one you can do so.

You can do this to get any other jobs that have not been created with BTOS working with the Module.

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