Cubit 8: Changes To Ribbons Follow

With Cubit 8, The contents of the Ribbons for job estimate have changed and Details of the changes is explained below to help you keep on Track.


NEW: The Home Ribbon now has the new Buttons for the Bartender, our new Module for SubbieComparison / SCP.


NEW: The new Snapshot and Mapping Categories have been added to import BIM Model with IFC File Types.


VIEWS: NO Changes


New: More buttons for the new Trade Reporting Package, Comparison Reports for the Bartender Module and also option to browse/view among analysed job are now available on the DATA Ribbon.

Removed: Managing Group Codes, Options, Option/Variation Filters to Estimate, References and Rounding Feature has now been removed from Data Ribbon and moved to the Configuration Ribbon.


CONFIGURATION: (NEW!)                                    Assigning and Managing Group Codes, Options, Option/Variation Filters to Estimate , References and Rounding Feature have been put together under the new Configuration Ribbon





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