Known Issue With Cubit


Please be aware there is a known issue where the only way you can edit a depth for an item that was taken off with a volume result type, is via the shapes pane.
You can't use the common practice of editing the depth of an item by clicking at the calculation sheet item, and editing the depth in the details pane.

To change a depth of a shape, use your mouse to right-click the shape from your calculation sheet and click view in viewport.
Then left-click the highlighted shape from the viewport, and the associated shape will be highlighted in the shapes pane.
After this click on he volume shape result (identifiable by a cube icon before the shape name).
The details pane will show for that shape result, and you can edit the depth.

We appreciate your patience and will be releasing a new version with this fixed as soon as possible.

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  • Please fix ASAP

  • Please fix ASAP

  • any news as to when the update is coming, causing a real issue!! with work rate.

  • Hi guys,

    Definitely understand this one can be frustrating.
    Our developers are letting us know that at this stage the update should be available sometime this week.
    This may be delayed if any major issues are encountered however.


  • Is there an update of when this will be made available?

  • Hi Guys,

    We now have an update available to resolve this issue.
    If you send us a message to asking for the download links for the latest version, we will reply to you with the download links.

  • any latest.


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