Cubit Version Now Available


Buildsoft has released an important update for the Cubit software on Monday, 11th December 2017.


● Fixed an issue where the Search Bar in the Insert from Price List window was not displaying.

● Fixed an issue where Cubit would display an error message when opening on a system that has RAID controller configured.


Known Issues
● There is a known issue where References to BIM Shape Results are not updated, so if changes to the Shape Result are detected Cubit will display 0.

● There is a known issue when upgrading from Cubit 8.0.3. Beta to 8.0.6, please contact Buildsoft Support Team if you are upgrading from version

● There is a known issue where applying Grouping Codes to multiple Items while your selection intersects a Heading.

● There is known issue where Job Update does not currently update BIM quantities.

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