Sorting a Cubit Estimating Job - Grouped View


Feature Availability: Version 8 and above (For Rate Analysis and Simple job mode only)

In an earlier version of Cubit Estimating, sorting of the estimate was done outside the job. Grouped View feature to be able to sort/analyse the estimate inside the job. With this feature when the job is coded and analysed, any changes done to the Estimate is automatically reflected in the Grouped View without having to re-analyse the job.

Sorting also has more flexibility in choosing the Description with which you want to analyse the data.


Fig1. Grouped Views 

Assigning Group Code to the Job:

1. From the Configuration tab, click on Edit Columns.


Fig 2. Group mapping

2. In the following Group Mapping window, tick the Rate Code group which needs to be mapped and then press Ok.


Fig 3. Group mapping

3. Double click on the codes column to set codes on all the items on the job as needed.


Fig 4. Code the job

Sorting/Analysing Job:

1. When coding is complete run the sorting/analysis by one of the following ways

a. Click on the Create Grouped View button on the Configuration Ribbon


Fig 5. Create Grouped View 1

b. Click the + symbol on the Grouped Views Window.


Fig 6. Create Grouped View 2

2. Group By field will be auto-selected. Change a Group Name for this view if needed and select all other options appropriately. Click on Group button to start the analysis.


Fig 7. Rate analysis

3. Switch to the Grouped View tab to view the analysed data.


Fig 8. Grouped View result 

Multiple Grouped views:

Multiple grouped views can be generated for the same job with the same or a different group codes 

1. To navigate between the Grouped Views, click on the drop-down button like below


Fig 9. Multiple grouped view for the same job

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  • Hi Savitha,
    do you know if it is a way to create the same grouped view with an estimate with Material/Labour set up?
    Thank you,

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  • Hello Alex,
    Unfortunately, at this stage, the Grouped View feature is not available in Material/Labour mode.

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  • Hi Savitha,

    Wondering if there is a way to view or report multiple groups?

    ie can we use a two groups in one view or report

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  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry for our delay on getting back to you on this one.

    You can definitely use multiple sets of codes on one job, however when you group the job you can only select one of the codes to do the grouping with.
    The reports produced are then based on that particular grouping.

    Unforutntely this means you would need to produce separate groupings\reports of each set of codes.

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