Cubit Username / Password (Network version Only) Follow

For Network Version Only:

Managing User Logins:

The user login are created and maintained for Network type installation only. Click on "Users" button to configure and manage Cubit user login.

By Default a local user Login is configured with no password. Click on "New" button to Add a user Login.

Enter all the fields and Click on "Create" button to create the new user login.                                Both the user name and Password are case sensitive. Make sure you use them exactly as how you have typed.

Select the user login and Click on "Edit " button to make changes to that user details or to reset the Password if forgotten by any chance.

To change the Password Click on "Reset Password" on the Edit Cubit user Screen


Enter and Verify the new Password and Click on "Reset" button to Save.


Use the "Delete" Button on the Cubit Users window to remove any unused User credentials.                 Please Note only the user Login will be deleted and No Cubit data will be affected.


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