Plugs in Bartender


Any rate entered in a quote that is not provided by the supplier is a PlugA plug is an identified risk in a Quote. A rate marked as Temp or Filled from the estimate or from another supplier are the possible Plugs in Bartender.

Adding Plugs:

Mark as Temp: 

  1. Select the item/s rate in your Quote you would like to mark as Temp
  2. Click Temp

Fig 1. Temp Rate

Note: When marked as Temp both the Rate and Total will be shown in Red.


Fill from Estimate:

  1. Select the item/quote
  2. Click Fill
  3. Select Estimate 

Fig 2. Fill from Estimate

Note: When Filled from the Estimate the rate and total are displayed in Blue as below.

Fig 3. Filled Rate

Fill from Supplier:

  1. Select the item/quote
  2. Click Fill
  3. Select an existing Supplier

Fig 4. Fill from existing supplier

Note: When Filled from a Supplier the rate and total are displayed in Purple as below.

Fig 5. Filled Supplier Rate

Removing a Plug

  1. Select the item/s marked as a Plug
  2. Click Supplier


Fig 6. Removing a Plug

 Note: The text color of the Rate and Total will now be shown in Black. 

Understanding Plugs in a Quote:

Plugs for a quote can be seen on the Trade Package Summary page, Review page and in some Reports. The higher your plug percentage, the more risk in a particular Quote. 


Fig 7. Plugs Summary

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