How to Send and Receive Jobs between Cubit and Bartender


From Cubit you can send a job to Bartender and enter your Subcontractor rates for comparison.

You can send a Grouped Job sorted into Trade Packages or a standard Estimate.

As long as you have one or more Items picked, you are able to receive your Picked Rates​ back into Cubit.


Sending a Job to Bartender

To send a Job:


  1. Click Send from the Bartender ​group ​in the Home​ tab in the ribbon.



Sending a Job to Bartender


  1. If you haven’t entered your Bartender login details already, you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password.



Login to Bartender

  1. By default, the Name and Job Code of your Bartender Job will match Cubit, but you can change these.

If you have a Grouped Job , this will be selected by default. If you have created multiple Views, you can choose which one to use; you can also upload your Estimate directly.

Once you have picked a Group and created a Job in Bartender, you are not able to change it.


Creating a Bartender Job

Receiving a Job from Bartender

To receive a Job:


  1. Click Receive​ from the Bartender group in the Home ​tab in the ribbon.


Receiving a Job in Cubit


  1. If your Job in Cubit has been changed after it was last sent to Bartender, you will be asked to Send your Estimate to Bartender.



Receiving a Job in Cubit

  1. Before you receive a Job from Bartender, a Receive Bartender Job​ window will open.

You will see the Bartender Name​, the Picked​ total, the Picked Difference​; which is the difference between the current and previous received Bartender​ Job.

You will also see the Total ​of the Estimate as in Cubit; ​and Last Received​ date and time. If this is the first time you are receiving your Job it will be marked as Not received.


Receiving a Job in Cubit

  1. The Picked Rates received from Bartender will show in teal in the Rate ​or Total​ columns of the Estimate View​ and the Grouped View​ in Cubit.


Examples of Picked Rated in Cubit

  1. You can hide your Picked Rates by clicking Hide Picked​ from the Bartender​ group in the Home ​tab in the ribbon.


Hiding a Picked Rate in Cubit

Cubit Warnings

Quantity Warning:

Quantities are required for all Items when sending a Job to Bartender. If any Item does not have a quantity when you are sending your Job, you will be able to Set empty quantities to 1 ​or 0​, or you can click Cancel ​to manually enter quantities.



Quantity Warning - Sending a Job to Bartender

Change Warning:

If your Job in Cubit has been changed after it was last sent to Bartender, you will be asked to Re-send your Estimate to Bartender.


Change Warning - Receiving Picked Quotes to Cubit


This function ensures your Job in Bartender is updated with the latest information from your Cubit Job.


No Picked Rates Warning:

If you have not selected any Picked Rates in your  Bartender Job and you are wanting to receive your Picked Quotes to Cubit you will be prompted that no Items have been picked.


No Picked Rates Warning - Receiving Picked Quotes to Cubit


You need to have at least 1 Item picked in order to receive Picked Quotes to Cubit


Update Warning:


If you have already sent your Job to Bartender and then change your Cubit Job to re-send it through to Bartender, it will provide you with notification showing the Total Difference.



Update Warning - Update Bartender Job

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