Global / Offsider DBI Error "Invalid file name"


A error may appear after a new installation of the Standalone version of the  Global / Offsider software. This indicates that the off.ini, the configuration file may be incorrect.

We suggest you do the following

  • Search for "off.ini" in your C:\ drive and delete (Usually in the following location C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\off.ini) 
  • Save the off.ini into your C:\Windows folder from the link: Off.ini - Standalone Version
  • Change the permission of the newly saved C:\Windows\off.ini file to ensure that the User Group or user names have Modify level of access
  • Right-click on the C:\Windows\off.ini and click on Properties > Security tab

  • Re-launch Global / Offsider application
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