Cubit: "Include in Trade"


The "Include in Trade" column in Cubit works similarly to Buildsoft's legacy programs Offsider / Global Estimating's 7 column mode's '+/- column'

The "Include in Trade" can be used to calculate the Rate of a Trade Heading. When you tick the "Include in Trade" column, the item's Factor times Quantity is included in the Trade's Quantity column. The value in the Rate column of the Trade is then set to be the value in the Total divided by the value in the Quantity.

  • To add the "Include in Trade" column to your Estimate sheet, right-click mouse click on the Name title bar in the Job List.
  • Select Column Chooser from the drop-down menu.

Fig 1. Column Chooser

  • From the Customization menu double left mouse click on 'Include in Trade" to add it to your Job List.

Fig 2. Include in Trade Column

  • Click the X button on the top right of the Customization menu to close the Customization window



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