Postgresql Cluster Initialisation Errors



If PostgreSQL fails to initialise the database cluster while installing PostgreSQL, or manually through the command prompt then you may need to complete some manual steps to get PostgreSQL to install.

In some instances, cubit simply refuses to initialise default database either by install from cubit installer or through PostgreSQL installer.

In such scenario, you will need to create the cluster in the local environment to some temporary folder  using the command as shown in the Fig.1

Initdb.exe –A md5 –Upostgres –Eutf8 –W –D”<Temp PostgreSQL Data Folder>”

After the execution of the command, copy the content of the folder to the client’s PostgreSQL data folder to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\data.

Command-A.pngFig.1 Create Temp Environment

If the PostgreSQL service  is not registered at this stage, then you can register it by  using the following command as shown in Fig.2:

pg_ctl.exe register -N postgresql-x64-9.2 -D"C:\Program Files\Postgresql\9.2\data"

Register_Service.pngFig.2 Register Service

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