Add/Setup Cubit Server Connection


To setup connection to the Cubit Server on the Cubit Client device:


1. When you open Cubit, the Cubit Login window should appear.

2. Click Connections… to setup connection to the Cubit server location.

Fig 1. Cubit Login 

3. Click Add.

Fig 2. Add Server connections

4. Type in the Cubit Database Server Name or IP Address in the Server box.

5. Click Check connection to validate connection.

Fig 3. Add Connection

6. If the Cubit database details are valid, the connection is successful. Click OK to proceed.


Fig 4. Valid Server Connection 

7. Click Close to return to the Cubit Login window.

8. Click the down arrow on the Connection field and select the Cubit Server connection.

9. Enter your Cubit Login and Password.

Note: For instructions on how to generate a Cubit Login / Password, please click here.     

10. Tick the box next to Remember Me, so that Cubit saves your login credentials until you choose to log off.

11. Click OK to Login.                 

Fig5. Cubit Login

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