Cubit: Add/Setup Cubit Server Connection Follow

On a newly installed Cubit network client machine, you will need to set up a connection to the network database.

  • Click "Connections"… to select the server location.

Fig 1. Cubit Login

  • Click on "Add"

Fig 2. Add Server connections

  • Type the Cubit database server name or IP address in the Server field and click "Check connection" to verify its connection

Fig 3. Add Connection


Fig 4. Valid Server Connection

  • Click Close to return to the Cubit Login window
  • Click on the down arrow on the "Connection:" field and select the newly created server connection
  • Enter a Cubit login and password that has been entered into your Cubit Management software.                                                                                                                                                  
  • Click on OK to connect to Cubit


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