Known Issue: Supplier Name Follow

We have identified an issue in Bartender that may cause disruption to some users.

When creating a new supplier, an error message may appear saying that the supplier already exists when it doesn’t. To workaround this issue, please enter the supplier with a slightly different name.

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    David Cartwright

    A resolution has been found for this issue; we’ll be looking to update the Bartender site on Saturday 22 June for approximately 60 minutes from 8am AEST.

    We are expecting minimal downtime as we perform the update.

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    Danny Beaton

    We finished working on Bartender on the weekend, and the site is running as normal.

    As part of our maintenance Bartender was updated to version, which included fixing the issue where you might not have been able to create a Supplier.  

    You can find information on what's been included in the Release Notes, found here.


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