Cubit Estimating: How to Access BOQ Options


Bill of Quantities (also known as 'the Bill' or 'BOQ') is a specially formatted report which generates unique bill reference numbers for items in your estimate. The reference will depend on a number of configurable options that control how a bill is presented.

Due to the special nature of the bill of quantities reporting it has its own extensive range of
customisation options. These can be set for all new Jobs in the Cubit Estimating Options window or modified on a Job by Job basis from within a Job.

To set default options for your Bills:

1. In the Job Manager click the Cubit Estimating application button.

2. Click Options


Fig.1 Cubit Estimating Options

3. Select the Reports tab

4. Click System BOQ Settings


Fig.2 BOQ Options


You can also change options for only a specified Job by clicking the Options from the BOQ
drop-down menu in Data ribbon.

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