Cubit: Standalone version asking for login credentials


On occasion after a new installation of Cubit, there may be an issue with the software asking for a login in a window similar to the one as follows;


When Cubit is installed there is also another program called PostgreSQL that gets installed alongside it, this program controls the Cubit database. If this program is not running or not installed correctly you may get this prompt.

See below possible cause and resolutions;


The PostgreSQL Service is not running

When this program is installed, there is a service along with it, this service essentially dictates the connection between program and database. To check if this program is running Right Click on the Windows Task Bar (This is the bar where programs appear when opened) and select Task Manager. This can also be opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard and selecting Task Manager.


In the task manager window, click on the Services tab and search for a program called postgresql-9.2 or postgresql-x64-9.2


To restart the service you can Right Click on the service itself and select Start.


You may encounter issues with the service not starting this could potentially be due to corrupt/missing data related to the installation and you should contact Buildsoft Support when possible.


You can raise a ticket by emailing



PostgreSQL is not installed correctly

During the installation phase you may encounter error messages relating to postgreSQL


If these messages occur PostgreSQL may not be installed correctly and could lead to this issue. If this message occurs during installation contact Buildsoft Support when possible to assist with manually installing PostgreSQL.


Ensure that the software was installed as Single User (Standalone)

During the installation phase, ensure that Standalone was selected, if Multiuser or Advanced was selected, it may be possible that the software was installed in network mode which does require a username and password for login, giving you this prompt.




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